I need a custom patch. Where do I start?

You’ve already started by reading our FAQs. We can save you time, however, if you call. Feel free to call with any embroidered patch requirement which satisfies our $150 minimum order.

Do I need a design?

That’s up to you. Some customers want to design their own fun patches or have an existing patch or patch design. Others would prefer to have us design it. We have an excellent art department and can design any type of patch. Our only recommendation is that your patch be designed by or in collaboration with an embroidery artist. Embroidery is a unique medium and good designs require an artist familiar with its unique aspects.

What’s the best way to get artwork to you?

You can use email, snail mail, or fax. However, you should always follow up with a phone call to ensure we have received your art.

Do you have some designs I can look at?

We have designed thousands of patches. However, to select a few designs for a customer is very limiting. The best approach to a custom patch is to work from scratch and develop the concept which is ideal for you and your group. We can help with that. Call and find out how easy the process can be.

Do you charge for designing custom patches?

We do not charge nonprofit organizations for design time. We do, however, have a nominal charge for designing patches for commercial and government requirements. Please call for details.

How much does a custom fun patch cost?

That depends on many factors. However, we do have a $150 minimum order without any regard for any quantity…even one patch. Click on “Price Info” in the sidebar at the left for details.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order is $150. We have no minimum quantity.

How many patches can I get for $150?

That depends on the patch, it’s specifications and the complexity of the job. Typically 100 pcs for a 2.5 inch fun patch.

How long does it take to make a custom patch?

From the time you approve the final art until the time we ship will be 2-4 weeks on the average. However, be sure to allow some time for design work and a few days transit time after we ship.

Do you have a catalog?

No. Custom fun patches are not catalog items. However, for our stock fun patch offering, we prefer to use our website. Catalogs cannot be updated regularly and increase the cost of overhead. Be sure to bookmark our home page and return often to check for changes or new designs.

Can I have samples?

Yes. Of course we offer samples of our work for anyone with a bonafide requirement. However, you will have to call so that we can determine what type of samples are best for you.