Click here to shop online, by phone or by mail for off-the-shelf stock fun patches. Because catalogs cannot be updated daily, we do not offer a catalog for our in-stock fun patches. Our website -is- our catalog. Be sure to bookmark this site and check back often for new designs and updates.


Okay. Here’s where we toot our own horn.

At The Patch Connection, we specialize in embroidered patches for youth groups, athletics, scouting, church groups, and nonprofits of all types; for security companies, ambulance companies, and all commercial organizations requiring uniform patches; for government agencies from the military to police, fire, EMS, and all first responders..

CREATION – We create beautiful, unique, and exquisite designs from scratch or we work from your concept. Our specialty is understanding your requirement and translating it to an attractive and effective embroidered patch which will serve you and those in your organization well.

REPLICATION – We replicate existing patches. If you require a patch which was previously made by another manufacturer, we can make an exact replication and probably save you some expense as well. And, if you so desire, we may also make suggestions as to how your patch may be improved.

Call us for details at 1-888-728-2426 (9-5 Pacific time).